I’ll admit it.  I’m naive.

When my great-grandmother told me people didn’t behave this way in my day, I believed her.  My young mind would imagine the “good old days”  when people played nice with each other.  A world full of no murder, no kidnapping, no news of drug or alcohol induced physical abuse of loved ones.  It sounded wonderful and I wanted to be there.

Listening to here I would wonder when did the switch flip?  What year (which was apparently sometime after my birth) did all of the bad in people emerge?

As an adult, I now know this was not the case.  These seedy actions were always around (and in some cases were way worse).  She may not have had the mixed blessing of instant news or 24/7 media, telling her of all these crimes, but they were there.

Still, when I read stories from the past of drug abuse, murder, theft it takes a bit of work to reconcile my adult mind of knowing people are fallible and always have been with my child’s mind of the safety and security of the past.

So fascinated by the stories that rub against my mind’s perfect world, I devour these tales.

This page will serve to collect the stories I find.