Professional genealogist specializing in Midwest Research.

As an aspiring genealogist I will be researching my family and writing about my discoveries.

As an aspiring professional genealogist myself (I am currently working toward my iCAPGEN certification in the Upper South Area) I know there is so much to do as a genealogist.

The back end work takes time away from your billable research and writing time. 

Research Specialities
Court Records
Land Records
Community Reconstruction
Vital Records
Research Localities
Southern Indiana, USA
Kentucky, USA
Louisville, KY, USA
Research Repositories
Allen County Public Library

Genealogy research skills include

Research Methodology Skills
Collection and Organization Skills and
The ability to evaluate and analyze the evidence necessary to present a documented, logical conclusion of family relationships.

About Me
Professional genealogist specializing in Midwest Research and researching at the Allen County Public Library in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

ProGen Study Group 32 (2017-2018)

Record and PERSI requests are typically fulfilled within one week of payment.

Research projects required a signed contract and full payment. All previous research must be sent before research can begin. A full research report with citation and copies of sources will be sent at the end of the project.

Utilize scientific method in my process forming and testing hypotheses for each assumption(?) topic(?) research question(?)

The APG Code of Ethics and Professional Practices serves to promote: (1) a truthful approach to genealogy, family history, and local history; (2) the trust and security of genealogical consumers; and (3) careful and respectful treatment of records, repositories and their staffs, other professionals, and genealogical organizations and associations.

Consistent with these purposes, I agree to:

  1. Present research results and opinions in a clear, well-organized manner;
  2. Refrain from withholding, suppressing, or knowingly misquoting or misinterpreting sources or data;
  3. Report appropriately qualified genealogical conclusions in writing based on the weight of the evidence with fully and accurately cited sources;
  4. Represent my abilities, services, and credentials honestly, avoiding the use of misleading or exaggerated statements;
  5. Engage in sufficient continuing education to maintain competence and comply with applicable requirements;
  6. Prepare and abide by written agreements regarding applicable project scope, fees, charges, payment structures, and deliverables without concealment or misrepresentation;
  7. Disclose potential conflicts of interest;
  8. Maintain confidentiality of client communications and research, except as permitted in writing by the client or required by court or professional disciplinary proceedings;
  9. Treat information concerning living people with appropriate discretion;
  10. Refrain from violating or encouraging others to violate laws or regulations concerning copyright, rights to privacy, business practices, or other pertinent subjects;
    1. Refrain from mutilating, rearranging, or removing from their proper custodians printed, original, microfilmed, or electronic records;
    2. Give proper credit to the work of others and refrain from plagiarism;
    3. Refrain from soliciting established clients of another researcher through denigration, violation of laws or regulations, or other improper means;
    4. Refrain from behaviors or statements that malign or are maliciously calculated to injure the profession; individual genealogists; genealogical associations, programs, or educational organizations; or the Association of Professional Genealogists.