I like to research so many different topics.  I’m insanely curious (some say nosy).  It may also be that I’m a research junkie and could spend hours upon hours sifting through databases and books.

This blog will serve as my playground.  Posts could include my latest obsessions such as app games, books, television shows, movies or the things that I like with little regard for what others think such as cheesy pop, favorite colors, Just for fun where i get immensely interested in something and must research it or seasonal my thoughts on different seasons or holidays.  contain many different topics.  I have a passion for There is a page for each one.

The pages reflect my passion for history, research, and productivity.

Currently, the pages are

Louisville, KY History

I have a deep love for my city.  It may be the result of the stories my great-grandmother told me about her life in an era so different from ours.

American History

Similarly, I love American History too.  I love discovering the events and people that led us to our current culture.


In a former life, I worked in Manufacturing Operations.  To this day I am searching for new ways to squeeze more actions into every minute of my day.  This page will serve to house my newest discoveries.

Just For Fun

From time to time I wonder the origins of holidays (common and obscure) or etymology. This page will serve as a repository for the answers to all of my weird questions.


Who knows what will be in this category.  It could be anything from a thought that I’m pondering, an event in my life, or political rantings.