A. Gentile Fruit

A. Gentile Fruit

1007 W Broadway, 1009 W. Broadway

1009 1/2 W Broadway

When Andrew Gentile died in 1949 he had operated his fruit store A. Gentile Fruits for 60 years on the north side of Broadway directly across from L&N’s Union Station.  The employees of the Louisville Division frequented Gentile’s (aka Pop) store so often, that he was considered a part of their L&N family.  So much so that a touching sympathy article dedicated to Gentile’s family was released in the regional L&N Employee September 1949 magazine.

Andrew Gentile was a true American Dreams story.  Born in Sicilia, Italy in 1866, Andrew immigrated to the US when was 13 years old.  Without speaking English and no ability to read or write Andrew worked his way up from a driver for Frank Gentile owner of 2 Louisville produce stores in 1895 to become a successful fruit dealer on his own owning at least 3 parcels of property.

Andrew married 18-year old Gelormia Palmisano in 1893.  Their 56-year union produced nine children (Lena (1895), Frank (1896), Joseph (1898), Leonard (1900), Salvadore (1902), Loretta (1905) Anthony (1907), Andrew Jr. (1914), & Augustine ).

Andrew’s (aka Pop) tenure as a fruit dealer on Broadway witnessed extensive property improvements in 1912, a 2 alarm fire producing $8,000 (over $195,000 in present-day dollars) in damages and theft by 3 out of town men in 1932.

Andrew died at his residence at 711. S 13th Street on June 28, 1949, at 83 years old. He was buried in Calvary Cemetery.

It is apparent that Andrew acquired many friends and was very loved by people all over the city in his 70 years in Louisville.  In the July 15, 1949, edition of the Courier-Journal, Andrew’s family placed an open thank you note in the classifieds section thanking everyone for their kindness, thoughts, flowers, and masses held in his honor.

Gelormia lived until 1965 at which time she left behind 114 descendants. She was buried next to her husband in Calvary Cemetery.


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3 thoughts on “A. Gentile Fruit”

  1. Jennifer this is my great grandfather!! I just happened to stumble across this article when looking something up on the internet. So fascinating- my mother (his grandaughter) is turning 100 next month- I was so happy I had the chance to read it to her. Can you tell me your interest in writing this article?

    1. Wonderful!

      It was an exercise in research skills. I love history (especially Louisville history—my hometown) and genealogy. I hope to work in those fields one day:. prior to this article I wrote about the Louisville military prison that was positioned on the same block as your great grandfather s shopin the civil war of course the prison took up the entire block up to magazines street) It fascinates me to try to reconcile the my imaginatiothat location in those days compared to the asphalt and concrete the area is today

      Your great grandfather was a great man and a nice article was written about him upon his death. He was obviously well loved.
      I know he had many children. How dwhich of his children was your ancestors?

      I’m sure you know at one time the Gentile family practically ran this town with thei book making operations. They had the Louisville police in their back pocket.

    2. Also please tell your grandmother Happy Birthday from me too. It thrills me to no end that you stumbled upon this article.

      I think my love of history began with my great grandmother regaling me with stories of her life at the turn of the 20th Century she died in 1997 at the age of 99.

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